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Press Release of the Exhibition Mue5tra and the Castle's Artistic Residence

Some online documents that refer to the 2013 activity of Chema Senra: the Artistic Residence in the Castle of Santa Catalina (Cádiz, Spain) from March to June and the Exhibition in October. Click on the icons to read the articles (in Spanish) or on the arrows to see the video and the interview in the artist's YouTube Channel.

Chema Senra exhibitions
Online and Newspaper


The Cadiz Council Exhibition Hall El Pópulo shows from October,1st the exhibition of the contemporary artist Chema Senra entitled "Mue5tra".The artist focuses his research on the combination of elements and pictorial media, integrating painting with unusual materials and techniques.



TV Reportage @OndaCádiz


Due to the Artistic Residence Chema Senra had in the Castle of Santa Catalina, Cádiz (Spain), the TV Broadcast OndaCádiz made an informative video detailing the activity in the temporary studio and the new creative project the artist was working on.


Click on the blue arrow to see all the videos in the Chema Senra's Youtube Channel

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