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Some of the Exhibitions and Events created by Chema Senra Art Studio under the direction of the artist and his straff.

Chema Senra's Exhibitions


1-18 october 2013

Cádiz Council, El Pópulo Art Gallery

The artist focuses his research on the combination of elements and pictorial media, integrating painting (oils, encaustic, tempera and industrial paint) with sand, rope, fabric, plaster and minerals, creating a unique coherent composition.


Abstraction is the field in which he moves; the struggle between order and chaos, the leitmotif of his work.

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tredici opere espressioniste


9-27 october 2012

Museum PAN|Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli

Ri(e)voluzioni consists of a collection of thirteen works inspired by American abstract expressionism. The project purpose is to identify  the evolution of this specific art movement and the legacy of artists such as Still, Motherwell, Kline, Rothko, Newmann.

Each work is not only the result of a personal quest for colors and composition, but also a reflection on the current historic moment we are living.

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Chema Senra

14 september 2012 -11 january 2013

Eurostars Coruña Gallery

The artist shows differents works belonging to some of the projects he is working on. Among the most interesting paintings, there is the copy of the Picasso's Guernica, the result of the Project Recovering Picasso


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per una collezione

7 october 2012 - 7 february 2013-  sd- 7

Museum MAGMA, Caserta

The artist participates in a colletive exhibition in the famous MAGMA Museum.



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