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My Tale I Teach: art recipes, tools and art history

«The meaning of art is both experimentation and diversion. I like to experiment with new or unusual materials. That's the reason why I usually make my own media; I think that the creative process starts from there, from the basis, from the basic». This is part of Chema Senra's artist statement and the main reason behind the creation of the Art Blog My Tale I Teach. And, of course, the will to share with other artists and art lovers.

Art Blog My Tale I Teach



Chema Senra is the author of an Art Blog in Spanish about art techniques, recipes, unusual materials with which creating painting media and many suggestions. The Blog is called My Tale I Teach and it is divided in seven sections: BricoArt, Art Recipes, Ingredients, Tools, Instruments, Abstract Artists and Contemporary Movements.


The Blog is entirely in Spanish, but it has a translation tool available for whose that does not speak Spanish. And if you leave a comment, the artist will reply asap.

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